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Whether it's a lunch, dinner or just craving pizza and Indian food, Fusion Feast is the place to call! Fusion Feast's catering program is a great way to celebrate events, employees, and enjoy delicious tasting food. 

Celebrate with Pizza, Pasta and Samosas!

Unbeatable Prices - Exceptional Team Work - Labeled Pizza Boxes - Individually Packed & Labeled Slices - Desserts - Plates & Napkins 

Fusion Feast's hot lunch program is a tasty, healthy, efficient and organized way to treat kids and also help with school funding! We adhere to provincial nutritional guidelines, COVID safety, and can accommodate many dietary restrictions and allergies. 

We serve our guests a menu of dishes that are created using the freshest ingredients. We have been fortunate enough to be approached by many local businesses and schools in the area that have been very pleased with the work we have done.

Individual packed pizzas hot lunch
Individual packed pizzas hot lunch
hot lunch catering business
hot lunch catering business

Pizzas can be assorted by by division/class and by person. Resulting in less contact and keeping pizzas warm during the distributing process.

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Feel free to contact us with inquires!